The Complexity of a Veterans Military Experience



All veterans are Indoctrinated (see military indoctrination model)

Due to the Locker room politics and hierarchy, malicious passive aggressive leadership is common place.

Character assassination

Chronic Pain

Many military members experience burn out

Expectation of violent actions against an actively opposed or hostile aggressor

The standard Body mass index (BMI) can plague many military members with genetics that causes weight gain. Also, members with high levels cortisol due to stress are plagued with weight gain and unable to lose weight.

Perception is reality


Physical ability is one of the most important individual responsibility while in the military and means promotion points

Being a good shot means promotion points

Military bearing

Emotional composure in the face of chaos, death and peer pressure

Locker room politics

Being in the click

The many sub cultures in the military and how they operate

Military branch rivalry

The red headed step children and seconded class veterans of the National Guard and Reserve components

personal exception of service

Invalidation and the veteran culture

Friends and families exception of your service

Stigma associated with being a combat veteran

processing and transitioning after military service

Childish comparison of war/You did not go through what I did so you not a real combat veteran

Combat experience

Many young leaders are threatened by more salty and experienced combat veterans in their ranks.


perceptions of veterans

Negative public perceptions of veterans

positive outcomes from being in the military

Enabling Narcissism

Veteran humor


Did I join for the right reasons

Did I go to war for the right reasons

Judging are own actions

True family relationships

Social media and the military